Checking Accounts

A MWD Federal Credit Union checking account is the smart alternative to costly bank checking. Our checking accounts include a debit card you can use conveniently and safely.

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  • Earn dividends every month
  • Minimum balance $50

Benefits of Checking Accounts:

  • Proof of Payment – Checks provide a paper trail or written proof that you paid someone. Each time you write a check that ultimately clears your account, there will be several records of it. Having this proof is important for tax purposes (when you make tax deductible charitable donations) and whenever you are paying a person or company by mail.
  • Safer than Cash – If you shop by mail, paying by check is safer than cash. Cash can be taken and spent by anyone without a trace. The paper trail a check leaves discourages theft.
  • Cheaper than Money Orders – Personal checks are cheaper than buying money orders or cashier’s checks.
  • Lots of Access Options – There are many ways to conveniently access your checking account, such as online banking, mobile banking, and ExpressTeller.
  • No Transaction Limits – Checking accounts have no federal limits on the number of electronic transfers you can make each month. All other savings accounts do have transaction limits.

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