A healthy future begins by exercising your saving power today! With compounding dividend growth and potential tax advantages, an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) remains at the heart of financial strength training.

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Depending on your age, income and other factors, you may find either a Traditional or Roth IRA will fit you best. As long as you don’t exceed your annual IRA contribution limit, you can even have both!

Traditional IRA

  • Contributions are allowed if you are under age 70½ and have earned income
  • Tax on earnings is deferred until a withdrawal is made
  • Contributions may qualify for an income tax deduction based on your Adjusted Gross Income
  • The minimum age of withdrawal without penalty is 59 ½

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IRA Share Accounts

  • No minimum balance requirement

Annual Contribution Limits. For the current tax year, the annual contribution limit for a Traditional or Roth IRA is $5,500. If you are over age 50, you may contribute up to $6,500.

No Maintenance Fees. We want to help you realize your full earning potential, so we won’t let your IRA earnings dwindle away with maintenance fees.

Safety and Protection. If low-risk investing is your goal, you’ll rest easy knowing your funds are insured up to $250,000 per eligible account by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. government agency.

Competitive Rates, Bigger Dividends. Do you have an IRA elsewhere? Roll it on over and enjoy our very competitive rates.

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