Merger Approved


On September 26, a business meeting was held at MWD where potential merger ballots were tabulated. We are pleased to announce the overwhelming approval for our merger with Certified Federal, a division of Vons Credit Union. In attendance was the MWDFCU Board of Directors, the Vons Credit Union executive team, the independent auditing firm of Richards & Associates and many MWD FCU members. “Thank you for attending; we are honored to now have the opportunity to serve the MWD employees and their families” said Steve Weakley, President & CEO, Vons Credit Union.

The merger is effective October 1, 2018. Our credit union will operate in a similar manner with an important improvement: CD dividend rates have increased substantially; if you are in the market, stop by or call us. The new credit union, Certified Federal, offers many additional products and services as well as a robust, highly-featured Mobile Banking App. For those who would like these benefits now, we have established a simple self-conversion process. Either stop by the branch or call us at 213-217-6612 to learn more.

All other member accounts will convert in early 2019 (targeted for February).

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Below you'll find a list of questions and answers pertaining to the proposed merger. 

Post-Merger Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Pre-Merger FAQs