Add MWD FCU to Your Mobile Wallet!

We’re proud to announce that our MWD FCU VISA Platinum Credit Card and VISA Debit Card are now both accepted in Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay! Adding your MWD FCU credit or debit card to whichever mobile wallet app you prefer will allow you to pay with the touch of your finger at supporting retailers and restaurants.

How do mobile wallets work?

Your card information is not stored on your mobile device, nor is it stored on Apple, Android, or Samsung servers - it’s kept on VISA’s secure network. Each time you make a purchase using your mobile wallet, VISA converts your card number into a unique “dummy” number that is stored in your mobile wallet device. This dummy number, along with a transaction-specific dynamic security code, is then used to process your payment. This unique number can only be used on the device that requested the purchase and must authenticate with your fingerprint or device passcode.

So whether it’s credit or debit, pay securely and conveniently by adding your MWD FCU VISA cards to your mobile wallet today!

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